Pots and Palettes

NO FRILLS PARTY - We now offer a "no frills"
party anytime we are open.  No minimum
guests.  $6 per person plus cost of pottery.  No
frills means  no food, no birthday plate or
balloons.  Studio tour if time allows birthday
person paints for free. ($6)


#1.        “Tile Handprint”
An hour and a half party, during which each guest paints their own tile.  
For children 5 and under. Party time; 1 1/2 hrs. $1

#2.        “Artist Bound”
Prepick 1 or a combination of items from the studio designs for everyone
to paint or a selection from which the artists choose!  Party time: 1 1/2 hrs,
including tour.   $8/person + the pottery costs.

#3.        “Choose your own”  Pottery for Adults
Allow your guests to choose from the entire studio selection!  Great for
corporations or organizations!  Party time: 2 hrs.  $8/person + the pottery

#4.        “Design your own” Party
What would you like to do?  Check with Catherine for ideas.

Questions?  Give us a call at 540-373-7046
Please note:
All parties require a 10 painting-person minimum and a non-refundable
deposit. If you have less than 10 you are always welcome in the front of the
studio, standard studio fees, first come, first served.   
For the party area, supply your own food, and decorations a half hour
before the party time.
The rental of the party area does not extend into the studio unless other
arrangements have been made.   Guests should remain in the part yarea
during the allotted time period.  Playing and eating is limited to the party
area.   Amenities include   party area, private instructor, the ability to
decorate the room, bouquet of balloons, white paper products and a tour
of the studio (explaining the process of dipping and firing their piece).  
Pieces are boxed for pick up by h
ostess in 5 to 7 days.   Special
Remembrance Plate for birthday Child.

Note:   Please no confetti, glitter or balls permitted.  Confetti and glitter will
adversely affect glazing of the pottery piece.   Balls bouncing or thrown can do
damage to pottery.