Pots and Palettes
About Us
Pots and Palettes has been in business since 1997. We are  
located at 10655 Spotsylvania Ave, in Lee's Hill.

Catherine has owned Pots & Palettes since 2004 and is an
accomplished clay/ceramist teacher and artisan since the
early 70's having owned two other store fronts in the area.  
The first with her parents in Oak Grove in the 80's
was known
as Thelma's Ceramics beside Westmoreland State Park.  The
second, Burr Hill Gifts & Ceramics was in Locust Grove in the
early 2000's.  She also holds certifications for clay and
ceramic products.

We specialize in "paint your own pottery" for all ages.  You
just walk in during our normal hours and pick out the piece of
bisque to paint.  We then help you with your selection of
colors and offer suggestions on techniques for finishing your
selection.   The studio fee is $6 for 2 hours plus the cost of
the pottery.  When you finish your piece just leave  every
thing on the table and we will clean it up.   We then fire your
piece in one of our kilns and call you when it is ready.  It
normally  takes 5 to 7 days for the pieces to be ready.  We
also ship for our out of town guests.

If you have a party (birthday, office, shower, etc) in mind see
our page on parties that tells everything you need to know.
We offer on-site (school, assisted living, etc.) visits by

We also offer lessons on the pottery wheel and hand building
by our professional pottery artists.